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What We Do

Mary Lee’s House offers a community collaboration of governmental entities, private donors and public agencies, brought together to provide the best protection for the children of our community all under one roof.

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Mary Lee’s House is dedicated to the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Prevention and intervention start with a foundation of community outreach and education programs. These trainings are designed to reach individuals, groups, or professionals interested in the safety and well-being of children.

Additional Resources We Provide With Our Community Partners

  • Mandatory Reporter Training: In partnership with the Department of Children and Families and led by the Florida Abuse Hotline, the Mandatory Reporter training reviews the identification of risk factors for child abuse, what occurs once a call has been made to the hotline and how cases are handled through the Child Protection Investigation Department.
  • First Responder Training: Offered by the Child Advocacy Center, this presentation provides tips, techniques, examples, and guidelines on how to conduct an initial interview with a child. The presentation focuses on Child Sexual Abuse allegations and is tailored specifically to Law Enforcement and Child Protective Investigators.
  • Darkness to Light Stewards of Children: This prevention training program teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The 3-hour program led by the Child Advocacy Center is designed for individuals and organizations that serve youth, such as schools, churches, and daycares.
  • Safe Baby Training: This one hour workshop offered by Healthy Start Coalition teaches how to keep your baby safe from the top three preventable causes of infant death. The training aims to teach parents how to choose a safe caregiver for their children, prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome, and promote safe sleep. The ultimate goal is to prevent infant mortality and protect our community’s children.

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Mary Lee’s House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, relying on private donations to serve our communities most vulnerable children. We need your support to do our work — contact us to learn how you can volunteer or donate and help be a hero for a child in need.

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