Mary Lee's House

Slices of Mary Lee’s House

Thanks to a generous grant from Children’s Board of Hillsborough County, we are able to share Mary Lee’s House essence and sanctity

beyond our four walls and in the community!


The “Slices of Mary Lee’s House” consists of trauma informed design spaces that include soothing colors, a calming mural of a tree and a comfort corner for children. The very first slice is complete, and is located in the dependency waiting room of  George E. Edgecomb 13th Judicial Courthouse. The goal of trauma informed design is to create spaces that are welcoming while demonstrating a safe environment. Studies have shown that paintings of plants and trees connect people with nature and in return have a calming effect over an individual’s emotions; this is the intent behind the painted tree on the wall in the dependency waiting room.

We have also installed a “Doggie Delivery” mailbox so that the children waiting in the space can write to the courthouse dog, Tibet. These letters will go to Voices for Children and will be used to support the Courthouse dog program.

Another critical component of this project is the Mary Lee’s House mini library. This library contains children’s books as well as helpful resources for parents and caregivers.