Our Supporters

Mary Lee’s House is so grateful for the community support which enables us to serve our most vulnerable children. We are always accepting new Partners for Pinwheels members, if you would like to learn more about this campaign, please email partner@maryleeshouse.org. If you are ready to sign up for the 2020 year, go to “donate” on the top of this site or click on the pinwheel of choice below.

Our Partners for Pinwheels:

Gold Level: $2500+

Mary Lee Farrior
Rex + Laurin Farrior
Newman’s Own Fdn.
Jenny Steinbrenner-Swindal
Spurlino Foundation
Ivan + Jane Culver
Anonymous Benefactor
NY Yankees Tampa Foundation
Nunnally Fdn.
McCune Family Fdn.
Ferrentino Trust

Green Level: $1000-$2499

Preston + Laura Farrior
Betsy Chambers
Julianne McKeel
Cindy + Tony Coney
Sanibel/Captiva Trust, Co.
Beth Schatzberg
DeWayna Scott Hurst
Richard Gonzmart
W. Thomas Morgan, III
Rosemary Henderson
Anne Cuevas
Lowry Murphey Family Fdn.
Prayerbowl, Llc
Richard Sobieray
Margaret E. Davis
Morris P. Wynn, Jr.
Mynard Family Fdn.

Blue Level: $500-$999

Beverly Austin
Susan Touchton
Alicia Murphy
Jennifer Butcher
Sheree Slone
Rosemary McAteer
Larry + Betsy Stagg
Marcy Baker/Solomon Family
Bette Crowder
Nancy Coughlin
Carol Bass
Pauline Holovak
Kim Stohler
Ashlie Landgraff

Red Level: $100-$499

Ruthanne McLean
Elizabeth Krystyn
Kelly Cone
Carole Shelton
Luella Carrington
Andrea Danner
Nancy Suarez
Cone Family Trust
Carol Smith
Sonya G. Endicott
Donna Dunlap
Katie Mersinger
Debbie Adboney
Marcy Graham
Sharon Davis
Mary Beth Hunt
Betty Wood
Krista Maddox
Pat Woodroffe
Mitzi Cooper
Allen Kilma
Sandra Gardner
Sara Wagner
Harrison Giddens
Darri Adams
Ellen + Robert Mclean
Sarah Craparo
Nancy Lorenzen
Jan Gruetzmacher
Lavina Kelly
Gail Purvis
Jim + Kay Whittemore
Gretchen + Wynton Hall
Eric + Lyris Newman
Maria Frueh
Ann Mezack
Emily Farrior
Mimi Graham
Helen Renshaw
Lindsey Roberts
Matt Hankons
Matti Vega
Jayne + Haynes Carswell
Lagretta + Mark Lenker, Jr.

Orange Level: 40+ Hours of Volunteering Yearly

Grace Blake
Amanda (Becca) McAlpin
Bianca Siegenthaler

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you feel that there is an error in this list, please contact us at info@maryleeshouse.org

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