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Our Story

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Before Mary Lee’s House, key investigative medical, legal, and mental health providers for children who were abused or neglected were spread out all throughout Hillsborough County. A child victim in need of services was shuttled from one agency to another, often resulting in fragmented care, added stress, and further trauma to the children the system was meant to protect.

In 2002, the planning for a child advocacy and protection center in our community began with the collaboration of child welfare system stakeholders and community partners. Representatives from various agencies came together to develop a way to co-locate specialists and work together. However, it was the generosity of private donors that turned the concept into a reality. Mary Lee Nunnally Farrior is the foundation and namesake for Mary Lee’s House, as her generosity allowed the planning and implementation process to move forward.

In the fall of 2008, Mary Lee’s House opened as Hillsborough County’s first and only Child Advocacy and Protection Center. It is a community collaboration of governmental entities, private donors and public agencies, brought together to provide the best protection for the children of our community all “under one-roof”. Through this partnership, Mary Lee’s House is committed to protecting, respecting and healing the children of abuse and neglect.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Mary Lee’s House is a community collaboration committed to protecting, respecting, and healing the children of abuse and neglect who pass through our doors.

Mary Lee’s House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, relying on private donations to serve our communities most vulnerable children.

Every child deserves a safe haven. Join us in the fight against child abuse and the care of its innocent victims.