To Report Abuse Call
1.800.96.ABUSE (22873)

Other Ways to Help

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We are so thankful for those who are interested in assisting Mary Lee’s House and giving back to children in need. Here are a few other ways in which you can make a difference.

Host an Event or Fundraiser

By hosting an event or fundraiser at a location of your choice and donating the proceeds, both in kind and monetary, you will greatly impact Mary Lee’s House and our child victims.

Host a Drive

Some children visiting Mary Lee’s House have never worn new clothes or had their own toys. You can host a drive to collect clothing, toys, books, and toiletries – all which are welcome and needed at Mary Lee’s House.

Due to the sensitive nature of our organization and confidentiality needed for victims and their cases we are unable to accommodate groups looking for service at our location.

If you are interested further in volunteering, please visit our Auxiliary Volunteer page.

For questions or to reach us regarding your upcoming event or drive, please email

Every child deserves a safe haven. Join us in the fight against child abuse and the care of its innocent victims.