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Collaboration of Services

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Working Together for the Protection, Intervention & Treatment of Child Abuse

Before Mary Lee’s House existed, key investigative, medical, legal and mental health providers worked in separate locations throughout Hillsborough County, forcing child victims to be taken from one location to another to tell their tragic story over and over again. In a system designed to help children who were victims of trauma, in many cases they were being re-traumatized.

There is now a better way to protect and care for abused and neglected children.

Healing begins here

How it Works

Children and families are referred to Mary Lee’s House to receive the services they need all under one roof



The Child Protection Team performs medical exams and assessments for child victims and their families.



The Children's Advocacy Center conducts forensic interviews and provides support to victims, their families and the legal process.



Victims continue the healing process through counseling with trained therapists at the Corbett Trauma Center.



Healthy Start Coalition and Success 4 Kids & Families offer support, resources and case management for the prevention of abuse and neglect.

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Mary Lee’s House Collaboration

Children's Advocacy Center USF Health Child Protection Team Healthy Start Coalition Success Corbett Trauma Center

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Mary Lee’s House is a community partnership consisting of multiple organizations collaborating under one roof. It is through this unique structure that we are able to better serve the children, educate the public and prevent abuse in our community.

Every child deserves a safe haven. Join us in the fight against child abuse and the care of its innocent victims.